Measure Outdoor Temperature

I would like to measure the outdoor temperature. Anybody who can suggest a reliable unit for this.
Also, I would like to be able to read out “Current temperature” with my homey not only detect temperature changes.


Not sure what the budget is so this might be too much but I use the Tempest Weatherflow which gives you a whole loads of sensors including accurate temperature

Tempest Weather System – WeatherFlow

Mine is used to control bringing lights on based on brightness, announcing (via Alexa) dropped below freezing or reminder its started to rain etc. plus numerous other possibilities. Had the Tempest for 2 years now and very reliable but maybe too much if just want temperature.


[APP] Netatmo - Same home, just smarter. (by Athom)

Weather station maybe?

Forgot to say all measurements are available in tags for flows so yes you can monitor current conditions as well as any changes.

I use a few Outdoor sensors from Philips Hue for this purpose.

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Thanks for the replys however when I look to the flow cards I can’t find a “Get Temperature” to put it in a variable.
I need this because I want my Sonos system to read out the actual Temperature every 1 hours.

Also I should mention that I have no budget limit as long as I find a good unit.

But I would like to avoid a a complex unit like weather station since I want to put it out side with some batteries in it and then forgett about it for a couple of years, or at least a year. :slight_smile:

var-Tellerstand is a numeric variabele [#Temperatuur] is the temperature tag from an outdoor temperature sensor (Aqara in this case).
The last received temperature from a sensor is constantly available in Homey, it does not have to be fetched every time you want it.

Gateway + the temp/hum sensor.
I use the temp sensor in my car, to trigger when to start the heater in the morning during winter.
Been in use since Sep 2022 and have not had to change battery yet. Temperatures here can get down to between -20C and -30C

If the distance is not too far, say less 5 meters, you could use the TFA 30.3120.90 outdoor sensor, which is supported by the app Draadloze Weersensoren App voor Homey | Homey
Or another compatible one.

I use Aqara sensors for a 2 or 3 years now (temp/humid/pressure), but you have to have a proper zigbee signal outside.
I protected it from direct rain
I also use these sensors right below the cooker hood, in the freezer unit (sensors limits are +60/-20), and right above the shower head.

Current temperature = the last reported temperature change, which is always shown at the device tile (if you did not select an other value as status indicator that is):
Screenshot from 2023-12-22 03-51-39

Screenshot from 2023-12-22 03-50-08

I bought a WH1080 USB weather station, for sale by different brands. Its connected to a Raspberry Pi, running Weewx and a MQTT extension. It’s sending data to MQTT Broker and MQTT Client running on Homey. All data is sent to an virtual device in the ‘Weather station’ zone. All data is updated every minute if there are any changes. You can see all data at once and graphs if you click on it. The weather station was about €90 and the Raspberry about €50. This is running stable for a long time.

I had/have a Netatmo weather station too with indoor/outdoor temp, rain and wind sensors but they are a lot more expensive, not very accurate and all sensors died except the indoor sensor. A big drawback was that sensor info was updated only about 5 to 10 minutes. If I want a notification for rain, then it’s pretty useless.

Overview virtual devices:

Overview part of flow:

Hi Peter.
I tried the Aqara THP ( the small 3.6x3,6cm) in my fridge, but it dies very fast at low temp (3,5-4) and it needs to be reset/repaired/reconnected (too) many times. Don’t you have problems with this? If yes: how did you solved this?
Now I am using the Shelly Plus H&T Display. This is more solid and works perfect. OK it is bigger. On the other hand it has a display, which is nice when you open the fridge and you canread the temp immediately. Another plus: it has AA batteries, so you can use rechargeables. No waste :).

When I started with Homey abt 6 months ago, I was reading many of your contributions with pleasure. Thnx! Now I hope I can also contribute with my experiences .


I am also using the Philps Hue sensor(s). I tested several brands, indoor and outdoor. The Philips Hue is stable, robust and good in battery life (it uses 2 AAA, so you can use rechargeables). I did not change its standard settings, so it measures every 5 mins (which is fine for me). I use those for both temperature and luminance (to open/close my horizontal blinds) measurements.

In my flows I use the same logic as JPe4619 is mentioning below.

  • Create a number variable ‘Outdoor Temp’
  • Create a flow: When [Philips Hue → Outdoor Sensor] The temperature has changed → Then Set [logic ‘Outdoor Temp’] to ‘Temperature’.

Now you can read/fetch the current temperature as a numeric value at any time

On the Tempest, the temp variable is already available in the list, you don’t need a card to read it. If you want to set another variable to it you can do but it will be updated and there all the time.

+1 on the Misol & Ecowitt app.

Offers a many brands and sensor options (need to be compatible with the Ecowitt ecosystem). Is inexpensive but all sensors have been super reliable and all integrate seamlessly with Homey. Is designed to be in the wind and rain, uses solar and batteries so have not changed batteries for 18 months. I run many flows using room temperature, outside temperature, wind speed, rainfall, solar radiation.

No not at all.
Only when I added Ikea lights, @ Homey 2019, Aqara temperature and PIR sensors randomly stopped working without leaving the mesh.
Then, like you said, they had to be re-paired.
Replacing Ikea lights for Lidl lights solved this issue.

Battery lasts about 6 months in freezer @ -18°C
In the fridge @ 6 to 7 °C, it lasts a year or so

Hi everybody and thanks a lot for your input. I appreciate it very much. I have yet to decide how I will move forward but I will let you know.

Thnx for your quick response.

I am using Philips’and Innr lamps only, but from your response I learned there can be a ‘bad guy’ somewhere in the Zigbee mesh. I added some devices from different brands recently (like the SwitchBot blind controls). So there will be a nice task waiting to find out which one this is. [luckily we have xmas holidays :)]

Thnx for pointing me to this (possible) solution!

Yes unfortunately not all zigbee brands / models work flawless as a team @ Homey zigbee.
With the Pro 201x, you can see the last known route, which can give a hint on which router seems to mute the Aqara’s