Displaying outside temperature

Do anybody have a solution for showing outside temperatures on a display?
I know wirelett sensors with displays are cheap and awailible, but is there any way of getting the homey to send the data to a screen/display? (Like a virtuel outside unit,?)

I am thinking is it possible to use this display, and make homey send the data needed?


I use LaMetric https://lametric.com/en-US
It’s everything. A clock, a radio, a display.

And yeah of course there is an app for Homey.


That is cool, but to expensive i am afraid.
The display i referer to is only like 15 euro / 20 dollars.

a bit more expensive;

maybe there are cheaper versions somewhere?

Is it possible to get this units to do commands with homey?
What is possible?
(Termostat regulation?/adjust upp or down?)
(Light on off?)
(Display outside temperature?)

It is an ESP32 based device, it can communicate via HomeyDuino or webhooks, can be programmed with Arduino IDE, you can/must write/copy/paste the program yourselve, or find it somewhere with google.

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Will this solution be dependant on internett online?

I have newer done any work on arduino, will it be “learnable” you think? :innocent::innocent:
Fo you have ny tips?

No, it’s not internet dependable, you can run it local on the network your Homey is on.
If it’s “learnable”? That is up to you, I’m mostly starting with an example that already does handle the main functions then I add parts from other examples. Its fun to build your own things this way. ESP32 and ESP8266 devices are very cheap so perfect for experimenting. The Arduino IDE is free, have a look at RandomnerdTutorials.com for several examples and lessons.

Hi @Kallemann
I am currently developing a battery powered 3 color e-ink display for Homey that you can easily place anywhere in your home. You will be able to show and update any value from your Homey on the display. Does this match what you are looking for?


Please keep me informed about the development. The project sounds very interesting.

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Hmm, quite same here, but the base is an Raspberry (board, official display & frame) and Qt kit.
Ok, currently only authentication (user/pass/otp) is working for REST interface, but other things are quite simple, because have also already ready (separate) libraries for Netatmo; Flightradar24; Fibaro and YamahaMC.
Khmm, some group/thread to talk about “standalone” displays (without app or additional web server)

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Hi @Cuprum
This device is an off-the-shelf consumer electronics product with full Homey integration including an app.

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That sounds fantastic :+1::+1:

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