Homey and ESP8266 - Wemos D1 Mini

Hello everyone. I followed up on the project in this LINK.

Display shows time, temperature IN and OUT, Bitcoin price and trend (+/- %/24H). If Bitcoin price get higher/lower than 5%/24H Homey send me alert using flow.

I had before more values like temperature of all rooms (bathroom, office, bedroom etc), temperature and weather status (rain, mist, sunny etc) but after some time I decided it was useless.

Future upgrades:

Outside Temperature is given by OpenWeatherMap. The Station is approx 5-10 km from my house, so it’'s not perfect. That’s one of the reasons I will do home-made Weather Station using Wemos D1 mini. I will get:

1. OUT Temperature and Humidity
2. Precipitation
3. Wind Speed

After that I will have a more accurate temperature on my Display (and Homey) and if it is very windy, the shutters will close. Also I will print on my Ender3 v2 whole Weather station and case for my display.

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