Weatherstation and Homey

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I’m looking for a weatherstation to connect with Homey.
Antoine good tips or advice?

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Don’t know who Antoine is. But I also use Netatmo with the rain gauge. Is really nice. Rain gauge is for me the best invest. Al other data you can get just as well from weather apps, or api.

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My experience with Netatmo is mixed, due to quality. Outdoor modules are not insulated, I had corrusion on my rain module, yes screws were tight.

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I agrea to that. No problems with the rain gauge so far, but indeed corrosion with the wind gauge. Problem is the mounting. The helix broke. Atvthis moment it is in my garage. So zero beaufort at this moment.

I Love my netatmo set, have them for well over 2 years.

i’ve got all modules now for over 2 years outside (outdoor, wind and rain), no corrosion whatsoever so find this kinda weird.
Their service is great though, one of my indoor sensor suddenly chew through batteries (3 weeks time) after a year, contacted them and received a new module (for free) almost immediately.

Think that I will contact Netatmo. I was a bit lazy. But it does no good in the garage.

Yes, that is strange, but still a fact. I live in Norway, a lot of weather, it rains sideways, upways and downways. The corrosion was so bad that the metal inside turned into dust-rust. If you look at the modules there are no rubberinsulation to protect from moisture or water, except the temp module. And for that price they should be able to withstand a norwegian atumn or winter.

Now I have the Popp weather system, no problems! If you do choose Netatmo outdoor modules, use som silicon to make it weatherproof.

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Here in the Netherlands the weather isn’t great either :wink: not as cold in the winter though.


Dont’t agrea to that. Just some measurements in my garden today​:joy::joy:

Had Netatmo for two years now (complete kit) and it has been working just perfect, and talking with Homey of course.

I read all the issues with corrosion inside the wind gauge on Netatmo’s forum, and before I mount it on the roof, I drilled a tiny small hole underneath (with a 1mm drill bit).
You say it’s crazy I say it’s simple physics, it allows the unit to “breath” so any condensation that might form inside it goes away through the small hole.
Every time I change its batteries, I found the unit inside dry as a stone, not even one trace of corrosion.

Weatherflow works great with homey :orange_heart:

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@ Jaxc Is this from Netatmo or a weather app.

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The app is in the Homey store!

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Ziet er goed uit. Ga ik zeker naar kijken.

?!? My dutch is very poor!

Yes its the best <3

She’s going to take a look :wink:

Ok. Forgot this is on the English part, :frowning: I will certainly look into this. Matter of faxct I allready did, unfortnatly their sold out in europe. (@anon2681894, Iam a she :slight_smile:)

Is it possible to connect the Netatmo rain gauge ditectly to Homey without the weather station?

Nope. You need the main station.