Netatmo can’t install weather station

Hi all,

I bought the net atmo rain gauge and installed the netatmo app.
Now I want to add the weather station. You them need to register and login. I did all that. Then you get the message you can close the window. But nothing installs. How can I get it to work with my rain gauge?

did you only buy the rain meter? the rain meter is only an add on for the weather station

Yes I only bought the rain gauge.
But the app won’t even let me connect netatmo to homey.

so there is no good rain gauge for homey without the main station?

I now bought the weather station but it won’t install. No devices found.
Who can help me with that?
I deleted the app and installed it again
I restarted homey
I did a PTP

It finally installed, but how do I install the rain gauge? In the netatmo app the rain gauge is working, but now how to in homey?

I added the rain gauge and a outside sensor in netatmo his own app. But in the homey app they are not visible. Do I have to install the weather app again?

Yes that did the trick.

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