Looking for a Temperature meter with display


Seems there is not much choice out there, looked in stores for homey compatible devices
A temperature meter with a lcd display and hygrometry, not the most expensive ones

The tuya zigbee one has huge compatibility issues, so this one is excluded

What other choices do i have?

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I use the Switchbot meter.

There is two kind :
I use this one ==> https://eu.switch-bot.com/pages/switchbot-meter
It’s a BLE meter, I recommand to not put it so far from Homey…

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i have obivous BLE issues with the homey, anything i could use not being BLE ?

If you have problems with BLE, I can recommend the Switchbot Hub. I have reception in the whole flat with it. As a bonus, the hub can control all IR devices and is also compatible with Homey.
I even use it to control my air conditioner via Homey.

I’d go for 433 MHz sensors, there’s a lot of them supported by the Wireless Weather Sensors app.
I’ve found the Telldus 433 MHz sensors to work well and they’re probably among the cheapest available, it’s not a brand that’s available everywhere but they can be found on Amazon under different names. Works well outdoors too. Limited to 8 sensors I think.