Best wifi temperature / hygrometer sensors? Aqara doesn't work anymore

I have been using aqara temperature sensors for a little over a year, and like many other members have experienced, they have stopped working and I have to reset them every second day to get any readings from them (battery change included).

So I want to throw them away and get new better ones. Can you recommend any brands that you feel work great with homey over several years?

It would be really great if they connect through wifi instead of zigbee or z-wave as I want to place one of them in my garage, too far away from my homey, but I have a wifi-meshpoint out there.

Just replaced aquara temperature and Humidity sensors for the switchbot sensors and switchbot mini hub ( this one we already owned ) those sensors work really well

Even outside , we placed one sensors ( with magnet) direcly on the heatpomp (warntepomp)

Possibly not related to Aqara , but rather to your Zigbee network - not sure if you have HP23 or HP19 but there are many articles on stable Zigbee network. FYI, I was running about 70 Zigbee on HP19 and now as well on HP23 and didn’t have to repair any Aqara device unless I did something with Zigbee routers (eg. re-pairing them).

…maybe sell them ?

Anyway, I do have very good experience with Xiaomi Miija App for Homey | Homey

…but if your Zigbee is not stable not sure if Zigbee devices would be the good one.