Giving up Aqara sensors - alternatives?

Hi, I’m giving up on my Aqara temperatur/humidity sensors. Ref to my post from April '21:

Seeing these sensors stop working randomly, they are not reliable at all. Change from when I posted the above message in April '21 I’ve moved to a smaller house and cut down alot on all my devices.

Now I need good advice on reliable sensor for measuring humidity and temperature. Cost is of course a factor as I’m looking to setup 8 sensors. Any thoughts and ideas? Products bought through AliExpress which works well with Homey is not a problem - just as long as it’s reliable and don’t cost a fortune :smiling_face:

I will be using these devices in advanced flow to control heating, humidity for fan control, etc.

I think it still shall work for you :wink: But anyway…

ESP8285 based, eg. SONOFF MINI R2 WiFI Smart Switch upgraded to Tasmota, extended by DHT11


ZWAVE - AEOTEC TriSensor (ZWA005-C)

…there will be more but you will anyway find out why we are all using Aqara :wink:


Gave up those Aqara humidity sensors for the same reason. Any other Aqara sensors work fine for me except the humidity ones.
Since more than a year, I’m using Frient. Much larger sensor than Aqara, indeed. Fast response almost instant, never dropped from the zigbee network and with the 2xAA batteries I expect to last a while. Plus they are among the cheapest batteries around, aren’t they?

Another one (z-wave) is Aeotec Temp and Humidity ZWA039, comparable size with Aqara, but does not perform so well in my opinion as Frient. Chews the battery really fast and it’s an expensive weird one CR2477. It claims two years life, but that’s if you get the sensor to update the values every hour probably.

None of the above are cheaper than Aqara, though.

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I’m afraid I’ve given the Aqara sensors alot of tries, with various other Zigbee power outlets for better reapeating signals etc - but stuck at some of them randomly dropping out one after the other. Sad as it is very good when it’s working, but can’t use something that stoppes working and you can’t rely on it when I use it for both fan-control and heating-control. From my initial post I see there are alot of others who also struggle with this for the Aqara sensors. Will look at the proposed other options and see what I end up with. Thank you :smiling_face:

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let me know what you are looking at! I want to ditch the Aqara sensors to

Anyone who wants to get rid of their Aqara sensors, mail them to me, I’ll pay for the postage :sweat_smile:


Be careful what u say. Postage is not cheap from Down Under to NL :joy::joy:

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Fair enough :sweat_smile:

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Never had problems with them, only the ones outdoors. But they should not be placed there :stuck_out_tongue: :low_battery:
Still expanding

Same here, been working flawless for years now, never had any of them dropping unless the battery died (more than a year lifetime)

On HP2023 now and for three days my sensors are not dropping of the network (or stay quiet). Sometimes i see no reading but thats due to the app in my phone that is frozen :slight_smile: So i keep monitoring them if they drop out of the network again… I will buy me these two bad-boys and invest in a “wichelroede” class. And see where the interference is cumming from!

Well that’s good news and hope my milage won’t be different than yours as now with the old Homey the Aqara humidity sensors stay less than 3h before they drop.

Thanks for sharing and good luck finding water with those rods.

Yes - After a few days I have to inform everyone that my Zigbee Network directly to HP2023 is extremally stable and fast. I ditched some IKEA tradfri repeaters that where used in de deconz setup. I use some INNR and TUYA plugs as routers. I cannot see the node connection at the moment in the developer webpage but my ques is that all is routing properly.

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Just sharing my recent experience with the temperature and humidity sensors: I had 5 no longer updating their values, removing and re-adding only helped for one or two days.
Probably obvious for some people here, but a week ago I tried removing them from my Homey (pro), then resetting the sensor itself (long press) and then re-adding. Now I have them all working for a week, one even outside (out of the rain) at temperatures around zero). May not work for everyone, but it did help me