Adding new aqara temperature and humidity sensors. Not updating

I have two temperature and humidity sensors from before, which are still working fine. My three new ones however is not updating automatically. Only way to update is to use the “repair” function in aqara (holding the reset button…). Afterwards the data is updated, but only this one time…

Does anyone have a tip or experience the same (this is for all three devices not far from the homey pro)?

Please try to search the forum (there are many information to this) and come back with all your actions you have performed and then maybe someone can comment.

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I have the same problem. Can’t see to find a solution.
Any one found a fix?

Working on it. Seems to be how aqara connects to the zigbee environment. I have just bought an Innr smart plug that will function as a router to the zigbee network. I will post a comment on the results later

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Any update?