Xiaomi temperature sensor

Wil this work with Homey without the Xiaomi gateway?


Not until someone makes an bluetooth aff for it.

Why would you want this?
Bluetooth range is 10meters at best…

if you really need to buy, get the e-ink version.

Better look for the Zigbee version.

I totally agree, but he seemed excited about the type with display so I just pointed out a better screen solution, the Zigbee ones do not have a display, or at least I haven’t been able to find them.

I was searching for temperaturesensors with display. I cannot find something else.

The Blitzwolf BW-IS4 has a display, and it’s a Zigbee device. I don’t think it’s supported by Homey yet, though.

€ 13,67 34%OFF | Tuya Zigbee Smart Home Temperatuur En Vochtigheid Sensor Met Led Scherm Werkt Met Home Assistent

Sorry for the Dutch text, found this through your link and there search for ‘zigbee’.

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Can someone confirm that this works without the Tuya gateway?

Have a look at: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.tuya.zigbee/Tuya-Zigbee/
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The App maker, you can find here: Tuya Zigbee App

Thanks, i have ordered one for testing.

Let me know the result

i shall do that

They(ZigBee) work fine with Homey, have several running (Sorry for Norwegian text)

Can you see the temperature readings in the start screen from Homey. Or do you have to click on the device?


You have to click on the device.
Unfortunately, one of the biggest flaws (in my opinion) in the Homey interface is this one.
It brings down the experience for me anyways, such a polished app and after all these years, this is still ignored by the developers.
Only the thermostats can show their setpoint value within their corresponding icon.

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