Adding Tuya Smart Zigbee 3.0 temperature sensor possible?


Can this device be connected to homey? The only version is with display in the app now? But maybe it can also connect this version?

LinkAliexpress example of the product

Did you try to connect to HomeyPro?

no I want to order those sensors and wondering if it will work because I can’t find it in the Tuya Zigbee app.

There is a Temperature en humidty sensor in the app but I don’t know if this is the same?

It’s impossible to say by just linking to a web page, but as a general rule, if you don’t see the exact device image shown on the Homey app page, it will not be supported (it doesn’t matter if the app supports other temperature/humidity sensors).

The only chance of knowing the device is supported is to buy it and try it with Homey (even if the exact device image is shown it doesn’t mean it’s actually supported).

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It looks like this will not work then.

Picture from the one I want to buy:

Picture from the homey site Tuya APP
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-11 om 19.49.15


Please let me know it someone connected the sensor from the shop?

Schermafbeelding 2022-08-11 om 19.49.15
I bought this one. This must work:-)

I’ll refer to my previous remark: “even if the exact device image is shown it doesn’t mean it’s actually supported”.

You were right. The first one is not supported. Tuya changes for every sensor the manufacture id so the app will not recognize the device.