Temperature Sensor Tuya compatible

Hi there,

Does anyone know a Temperature Sensor which is compatible with Tuya. It also may be a cambination with a humatity sensor as well.


Wifi or zigbee?

This is about how and why sharing more info when you post a Q, is a good practice. Thanks!

Doesn’t matter. What do you recommend?

OK. Hmmm I recommend neither. Not because of bad quality, I use several Tuya wifi and zigbee stuff for over 3 years now.

Wifi models can be used with Homey when it is usable with Tuya Smart app or Smart life app;
There are 2 workarounds in case it is not recognised by the (TC Tuya Cloud) app while adding a new device.
Low budget.

By default the wifi devicez use the internet and Tuya servers.
What I found out the hard way, all kinds of battery powered devices sensors take up to 7 seconds to activate it’s wifi radio. Fine for detecting animals or ‘bad folks’, but when you want snappy detection for your lighs, that’s unrealistic.
It is not true Tuya wifi gets unresponsive as soon as the internet is down, with the mobile apps. Beacuse the connections are local wifi ones;
The Homey TC app can’t reach your gear right after the outage.
When you use a Tuya (or Lidl) zigbee hub, it uses internet to edit your gear.
The TC app is (still) not actively maintained since Jan. 2023

Tuya Zigbee (TZ), when paired with Homey zigbee, is a local radio protocol, so things stay indoors
Low budget.
No extra load @ wifi system.

The same models of different batches often have slightly different firmware or device ID’s.
So you can expect to purchase a supported device, but it’s just a 50/50 chance…
While the dev maintains the TZ app in his spare hours, it can take quite some time before devices are added to the app.