Newbie help to compatible units

Sorry but very new to homey, was on smartthings as a rookie.

Seeking 2 devices if they exists.

First one is a homey pro device to make 0-10v dimming on 1000watts grow lights.

Second is also for growing, a homey pro device to measuring ph+ec+temp of water.

Does these devices exists in a homey pro compatible version?

Thanks in advance.


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Qubino Flush Dimmer 0-10V

Water temp:

together with a DS18b20 temperature sensor

Thank you so much, does look like i can use that dimmer.

Was looking for an easier plug&play solution for continously monitoring of water ph/ec/temp/(oxygen) since i am new to the smart world and and newer to homey.

Have seen tuya version of pool sensors which could do the job, but doubt homey would support it.

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YW, Morten.

Tuya can be tricky. For zigbee units it’s a bit of hit and miss, while similar looking devices can have different firmware. But, you can request for support with the developer, but if it gets added, it can take a while before the device gets added to the Tuya Zigbee app.

For wifi units you’ll have to depend on Tuya servers, and currently the Tuya Cloud app is not actively maintained.
BUT, it has a major advantage: with Tuya Cloud app, pretty much everything (based on) Tuya wifi can be controlled and it can trigger your flows, by Tuya’s MQTT version: RAW commands.
Also, when you buy a Tuya zigbee hub (15 to 20 euro’s), you can also control all Tuya zigbee devices per Tuya Cloud app.

An other Homey compatible tool for pool water = Blueriiot

Are you saying if i buy a tuya zigber hub, any tuya devices will work, within homey control app.

I really don’t care what signal used to communication with the device, just want all devices in one app only.

Don’t quite understand yet what “cloud” means, could i get some info or a link to some documentation on what the difference is on a physical hub vs cloud?

Hi there, I am not sure if I also understand correctly everything. Is there a way to integrate my Tuya hub into Homey, being then able to see and link devices connected to the Tuya hub via Homey (using Homey Pro 2023)


Hi Chris, see post #4