WOOX temperature and humidity sensor

Hi, is there a way to add woox zigbee temperature sensor R7048? When I try to add it, it looks like a basic device without the ability to monitor temperature and humidity.

Thanks for information. Jiri

Hi Jiri,
It is Tuya Zigbee compatible, so you can try to request support for it here:

Thanks. Jiri

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Hi Peter
I have tried both test and officiel Zigbee app with the different types of temperature and humidity devices. The official app V0.1.45 gives me and unknown on/off device. The test app v0.2.18 gives me the LCD version instead of those without LCD display. My sensor is a WOOX R7048.

What am I doing wrong here?
BR Uffe

Does the LCD version shows values anyways?


Follow instructions on how to request support for your specific model → links are to be found at the bottom of Tuya zigbee app page.