R7046 PIR (Tuya) not recognized

I got my hands on a Woox R7046 recently (a so-called “smart PIR”). That sensor is advertised every here and there as being “compatible to Homey”. Unfortunately, there is no woox specific app, so I guess it is supposed to rely on either built-in Zigbee support from Homey or use the Tuya zigbee app.

Unfortunately, it is not recognized correctly. I installed the tuya zigbee app and tried to add this sensor to it. The sensor is recognized as an unidentified Zigbee 3 device, no functionality whatsoever.

Does anyone have one working? Oh, using a Homey Pro (Early 2019) btw.

Have you tried the test version of the Tuya Zigbee app?

FWIW, with cheap Tuya devices you never know what you’re going to get. Even if your device looks exactly like a device that’s already supported will not mean that your device will also be supported, because these devices often get different manufacturer/model ID’s which is what Homey relies on for recognition.

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Thanks Robert, no I did not try the test version - didn’t know something like that existed.
Anyway, I uninstalled the device and the tuya app, and re-installed that experimental one. No change, unfortunately.

I ran an interview on the device, it reports itself as a “TS0202”, “home automation device” (profile ID 0x104), “IAS Zone” (Device ID 0x402), see below:

Does anyone here know a bit about native zigbee support in Homey?

The generic Zigbee driver is very limited and only supports lights (and possibly switches, not sure). Anything else requires a specific app.

That’s unfortunate. I’ll ask homey support and woox if there are any plans for support…