Weather station for Homey?


I’m looking for a weather station and by that i mean at least a temperature/humidity outside sensor, with an inside screen and of course with a compatibility with Homey.
Can’t find anything that is still for sale…

Thanks !

Netatmo weather station and LaMetric works fine for me.
Both have apps for Homey


Unfortunately there is nothing there either. The inside screen is the problem. I am using the Netatmo weather station. The whole thing is displayed via the LaMetric Time. Together this is expensive fun, but both devices bring a lot more benefits to you than just displaying the weather.


Haha, I think we did write our replies in the same time. :grinning:


The problem is my wife : she want to see the weather directly on the wall.
There is no 433Mhz sensor compatible with homey ?
If not, i can keep my actual Oregon (not compatible with Homey) and put an Xiaomi Aqara to just get temperature/humidity for my flow…

Please check in the app description which weather sensors are supported:

Buy a Nest Hub and a Multisensor and ur good to go. Put on it and u will have one happy wife!

I’m using Aqara temperature/humidity sensors. They are not designed for, but wirking the whole year. If humidity is ~100% there is sometimes condensed water at the battery, but all sensors are still alive.

As display I use a HomeAssistant dashboard on a tablet.
If this would be something your are planning, it could match your needs.

The temperature charts are from Homey.

Thanks for all the answers.

Aeotec Multisensor is only IP20, not really compatible with outdoor usage even if i have a summer kitchen very well sheltered.

Yes i think an Alecto WS-1700 $50 will be fine.


Same here, I have a pair of Aqara sensors outside, somewhat sheltered from the elements (but only to prevent direct rain from falling on them), and they have been working fine for over 2 years like that.

Is your Oregon compatible with Weather Underground?
If so you can use the Weather Underground app to get data back.

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Does that work with http request?

Then buy a Samsung Frame TV for ur wife m8.

If you want a real weather station for not to much money and has al options into homey ….


Hum i can’t find a place to buy it.
I’m from France.
Is it $300 ?!

Aren’t there problems with the solar cells(shortage of energy in wintertime in some countries ) en because of that they don’t distribute outside the USA. I was/am very interested

Yeh , only 300 . Cheap as hell with the capabilities it has
You asked for a weather station not a overpriced toy like netamo and likes

It’s draws a real small amount of energy . The solar cells are delivering way more power then it uses and as long as there is a bit of sunlight it delivers enough to charges it’s cells.

I live in Holland and I bought 4 of them already . How do you mean they don’t sell outside the US


Yep you need to choose the region .