Protech Weather Sensors

Hi. I want to buy a weather station for my house.
I like Netatmo but my wife demands a system with a dedicated screen.
Then we found a system with the name Protech.
Does anyone know how to intergrate this to the Homey, or some other good alternatives?

Why don’t you go the other way?
First check in the App Store which weather stations are supported and then make a selection.

There is an app that supports 433 MHz weather sensors. So it might be possible that the Protech is supported by this app.

Thanks for your answer.
I agree, but havent found any good alternatives.
Thats why I also asked for other good alternatives in my original post.

Have you seen which protocols/weather station are supported by the mentioned app?
I don’t know where you live, but just an example:

Thanks. Im from Norway, but I will read :slight_smile:

Hi. I know that this thread is a year old but for others with the same need I would recommend ecowitt.

What station did you end up with? Did you by the protech station? I do believe that protech weather station is a rebranded ecowitt station. Maybe the ecowitt app works with protech?