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I would realy love to have one of these but not easy to get outside the US or Canada. :frowning:

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same. They look to be an excellent weather station but always out of stock

U can order it from amazon.com, going to be expensive with shipping and taxes so i hope it’s a damn good weather station. :stuck_out_tongue:

The amazon.com one will not be European version. I don’t think they have ever manufactured more of these since the initial campaign.

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Is there a european version?
Do u know what the difference is then?

I’m going to the us in a few days and thinking about taking one with me back home.

The European version uses the appropriate EU licensed radio band for communication between the modules possibly 434Mhz for existing shipped units although it could be 868Mhz, both are licensed. The US ones use a frequency of 915Mhz which is not licensed in Europe.

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Do u think it would work in europe?

Yes I expect so … although technically it would be illegal and you would be at fault if you caused any interference to other services on that band. It is a very low power device however. Your choice.

(I do have spare here (UK) both an EU receiver and a couple of EU Sky units but I don’t have an EU Air unit.)

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I will think about what to do, ty for the help. :slight_smile:

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I guess it will work with the phone app but will my homey be able to connect to it when it’s on 915Mhz or does the homey app connect to the hub on wifi?

I think the Homey app uses IP (WiFi) to communicate with the base station, specifically UDP, rather than any of the RF frequencies.

Ty again, i think i will give it a try.
I will post the results so it might be usefull to someone else in the future. :slight_smile:

I was going to take that path too until I found a European eBay listing. And i’m very supportive of licensing regulation having once held a Ham licence…

I’ve fixed/added some capability icons for the Air and Sky and added the Rain Day capability so you can see the accumulated amount of Rain for the day.

image image

I’ve sent a Pull Request and PM to @Will_o_Wisp but have not seen a reaction yet

If you want to try this version yourself you have to install it via the CLI, source can be found here: https://github.com/daneedk/com.weatherflow.smartweatherstation
Do remember you will have to re-add your Sky to add the Rain Day capability.

The Pull Request has been merged, awaiting approval by Athom so it will be available in the app store soon.
Please remember to re-add you Sky after installing this new version!

Sorry for the delay in merging PR. Published as beta now, please upgrade and test and I will make it stable when quality has been verified.

Thanks, just installed it, will be checking it the next few days and get back to you.

Got some crash reports so I refactored the code a bit and added guard against non initialized settings. New 0.3.4 beta published for verification.

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Hope there will be an update off the Homey App so I will be able to use it when I receive it. Shipping Tempest WeatherFlow starts soon.

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Bought one for me too and shipping to Netherlands. Next month the shipping starts for me.