Weatherflow Integration

Any plans to integrate Weatherflow ( station within Homey 2.0? I saw a discussion from June last year in the archived forum, but no follow up.

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I hope so as it’s an excellent device. Oregon scientific seem to have lost their way and netatmo doesn’t seem as good.

Do you know how you can connect to the device? Via a web api by any chance? If someone is willing to give me access / information on how I can connect I could take a look in implementing a simple app?


Sorry, I don’t have one yet as they had been out of stock. They caught my interest because they are new, seem to get good reviews, better than Oregon Scientific and others

I’ve got mine couple of weeks ago, but managed to install the sensors just yesterday. I’m not quite sure how can I help, but I’d be glad to do it, so please ping me

There is an app in the store: this uses the devices directly.

I also created an app but that works using the api. And is only on github currently.


There is now an app in the store that uses the API to retrieve federated data from stations


Hey, Jeroen, thank you so much! Sorry for my late reply, traveling a lot in the last month… Let me play and report back to you how it works!


Hi Jeroen;

Thanks for the app; I have it installed and it talks to my new Tempest weather station. Currently the app reports the basic measurements but I am also interested in the Brightness (lux) measurement. Is this something that is planned for in the future by chance? I would like to use this as a trigger for my motorized blinds in my office to drop down when the brightness outside rises above a certain level and retract again when it drops below the threshold.

Thanks for the great work on the app!
Kind regards,

Hello Jeroen,

Just get it online with the setting’s
Name : what you wan’t
App Key: Generate in the Web app (
Station ID : your (Tempest) Station number (not your connected device number)

Great tool to get the data in two steps (Your device >>Tempestwx,com >> Homey
One step lesser then with “Weather Underground”
Great tool Jeroen.

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