Weather station for Homey?

Couldn’t find a review in English. For the dutch people i found this with some remarks about the solar cells Dutch review

Still very interested

Strange I don’t have a any trouble ordering and I’m in the Netherlands .

Nevertheless as the review stated . A 4 hour normal sun charge should suffice for 2 to 3 weeks . There are few places on earth where that doesn’t happens outside

Never had a power low notice since I switched to the V2 with solar on a few locations

Where did you order? On there own site?

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A solution is a unit like this:
But Homey need to learn the signal from the outdoor unit (or other unit used)
Then Homey must send this data to the screen, this should not be to hard to create for someone that knows a little about apps and programing. :wink::wink:
16 euros for screen and sensor…

I can’t order from the UK either. As soon as I select an option other than US/Canada the Add to cart option disables.
I’ve been trying to get one of those since they came out.