Flow to Measure the coldest temperature daily

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i have the temperature sensor from aqara. he’s doing well. only I have a flow with the first column temperature has changed, but this sensor does not respond to that, how is this possible ?

And how strong is the vibarition sensor
then I stick it on my apartment hal phone for the bells to open the door outside.

I want to measure the coldest temperature from the outside here, I also want to measure the hot

the reset for the next Day

I have this flows from a other forum topic.

The other sensor has been ordered, so hopefully testing next month

@HuisCHovens, what exactly does not work with the first flow “Koudste temp buiten”?

Maybe the selected time period could cause the problem.
Instead of
– The time is between 20:00 and 18:00
– The time is not between 18:00 and 20:00

Btw, you can also manage this with the Homey Build-In Logic and you don’t necessarily need the Better Logic app.

problem is he does not write temperature in the table

This where the Idea is coming

it has to record the temperature all day long and make a report of the highest and the lowest outside temperature around 7 pm.
i have a lot of running on better logic,
I will try it on the logic of homey.
I also adjusted the time to that it is not allowed between 19.00 and 19.30 because then he writes the log and resets it for the next day.

In ur flow u check a variable “Koudste dag temp” against the actual outside temp (balkon temp).
This flow does: When variable is less then the outside temp then set variable.
Think u need the other way around.
When outside temp is less then variable temp then wright variable.
So maybe invert (omkeren) the card in the AND colom.
This has nothing to do with Better Logic vs build-in Logic.
As this has also nothing to do with this topic anymore i would suggest u search the forum for similar topics or open a new topic for it.

I see you quoted my script, but I’m not sure if you got it working. You need to use the script in a flow like this one:

In this flow you do not need better logic and you also do not need to trigger on each temperature change. All you need to do, is to create 2 variables in which you store the output of the script. For your case, just trigger it at 7PM and you are good to go.

I’ve tested the flow and it works when the time period is reversed.

And of course it has nothing to do with Better Logic App, I didn’t write that either. I just wrote that using the Better Logic App is not necessary.
But, with the build-in logic it looks much more understandable.

Looks way more understandable !
And is exactly the opposite!

Ähmmm, no! There is no other way to create this logic part.
Or you can explain me?

Sure. But not in this topic because this goes way off-topic like stated before.

Thanks for your tip It strange for me to invert the tag but it works now.
In better logic app.

Aqara sensor only sends when the temperature has changed the Philips sensor sends every second it seems like.