Create flow to find sensor that stopped working

Today i found out that one of my sensors (outdoor temp) had stopped working about 10 days ago. No problem, i repaired the connection and now it’s working again.

But it didn’t show up as faulty or broken, but just stopped sending new temperatures. It reported the same temp for 10 days.

So now i want to create a flow to detect such a faulty sensor. It needs to check the temperature reported by the sensor and trigger a warning when a sensor reports the same temperature for a certain amount of time (it is a outdoor sensor, so temperature should change frequently).

But, i have no idea where to begin. Maybe read the temperature, store it in a variable, then check the next hour and trigger a warning when the variable has the same temperature?

Who can help me with concrete tips? Someone has had the same problem and developed an solution?


I am using the Device capability app to retrieve the latest update time from Insights.
If you search in this forum you will find many topics regarding this.

Hi @PoJa84 ,
@Anders_Gregow 's solution is good. In case you don’t know Device capabilities or do not want to use it, my proposals would be.
When… #temperature changes Then… Start or Replace Timer ‘Quality check’ with xxx Minutes/Hours
When… Timer ‘Quality check’ is finished Then… Tell me

When… Every xxx Minutes/Hours *And…*Logic: #MyLastTemperature is equal to #temperature
Then… Logic: Calculate #MyCheckCountdown as {{ #MyCheckCountdown - 1 }}
Logic: Set #MyLastTemperature to #temperature
Logic: Set #MyCheckCountdown to 3

When… Logic: #MyCheckCountdown has changed
And… Logic: #MyCheckCountdown equals 0
Then… Tell me

I hope that is understandable.
You can use the Timer you want and Push Notifications Emails or Messengers as you like,

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Thanks for the replies.

I don’t want to add to much apps in Homey. Also, working with Homey Script is beyond me, or better, i have no desire/time to learn this…

So i want to solve my problems with an advanced flow. In the reply of @Torch1969 i found a flow which i recreated and which seems to be te solution.

It checks if the stored variable is the same as the actual temp, and if so, it gives a warning. If not, it stores the current temperature as the new variable.

It seems to work when i test it.

Thanks all!