Get a warning when the data from Aqara Temperature Sensor is getting old?


I installed a “Aqara temperature sensor” in our “pump-house”, to monitor that the temperature does not go under 2c. Now I discovered that the temperature data has not been updated for 2 days (as you can see in the Homey app, if you click on the displayed temperature). The lack of update is probably because the distans that is a bit on the limit (some times it works, some times not).

Is there any way to make a flow or similar, that give me a warning when the data is older then for example 12h?


There is option “Device hasnt reported” in flows, you can try it.

Thanks for the replay!
I have tried with that function, but can not find how to put the right tag.
So I came to the conclusion that it does not work or I am too stupide to understand.

If anyone has a solution turn i also like to hear it

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Possible to extend it to more than one day?