Broken notification flow, need support


This flow is not working at all when i test it,
any idea what i did wrong?

Are you sure humidity is above 75% now? Try a lower percentage fore testing. Testing skips the WHEN part not the AND part

this is the testing i did

In the Mobile card, use the Tag Humidity not the text Humidity.(like in the LogicCard)

Done, still not a single notification no where

when you press the test button, does it show anything? Like an error in the AND logic card.
have you tried to test it in the mobile app, maybe that gives you more information?

Edit: final question for now: is the tag you are using in the logic card the “local tag” or the “device’s humidity tag”.

the test on browser didnt work
the test in the mobile app did generate a notification!! thanks!

Now i put the treshold at 35% humidity, in real world i should get a notification per minute !! but nothing

the tag you are using in the logic card the “local tag” or the “device’s humidity tag”
–> “in this flow” /device humidity

well 35% isn’t bigger (greater) then 35% :wink: it is the same, so you need to lower your value to 34%

EDIT: Oh right as @FKey mentions below here, if you change the trigger (which you most likely did) then you also need to change your tag used in your logic card as the “in this flow” tag isn’t in that flow anymore

The flow will only run when humidity changes. Is your hunidity changing every minute?
In my house it pretty constant.
(I wish I could increase humity in my living that easy, but it takes many hours)

This works.

Yeah the browser test function sometimes doesn’t work. Had that issue for some time but thought it was my browser css override screwing up The button.

Sorry, was out for a couple of days

As i couldn’t get out, i rebooted the homey, reinstalled the mobile homey app
And now the notifications works like a charm!

And i confirm ,the browser test isnt always working as well as the mobile testing