Count notifications

Hi there,

I’ve made some flows where i will receive a notification when there is zone activity between 23.30 and 06.30.

I would like to receive the number of times the notification was send in that timeblock at 06.31 each day, so after the count it has to be resetted to 0 for the next day.

I can’t seem to figure out such a flow, neighter can i find an app that does.

Does someone know such an app or how to create such a flow?



Thanks, i wil try that. But i can’t make a calculation with the logic from homey. Did you made that with ‘better logic’?

With the homey logic i can only see this.

“calculate a number variable” is a flow card, you don’t make the calculation in the screen you are in now, that is only to create a variable, but do that with the calculate flow card

  1. Create a number variable
  2. Calculate what you want in the flow card

You don’t need better logic, you can use the internal logic cards.

The logic card for the calculation looks like this in detail:

The variable “MovementCount” is a self-created, numeric variable.

Thanks all, i’ve made the flows. Hopefully everthing works, but i will see that tomorrow.