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Manual number input via pushnotification

Hey guys, I want to at end of every month fill in a value to make a calculation.
I dont have a smart meter so im using flows to calculate my usage.

But i want to prompt this by using a notification that ask and wait for the number to be filled before it finish the rest of the flow.

The current push notifications offered by Homey only allows a yes/no variable. Any one know how i can achieve this?

Kind regards.

Afaik there’s no other option but hitting Yes or No.

There is a theoretical possibility to enter a number (masochists only) using Yes/No questions and binary search:
Is the number >100? No
Is the number >50? Yes
Is the number >75? No
Is the number >62? No
Is the number >56? …

Ha I thought of that too, but I also thought, nah :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yes, you can use a webhook as a way to input the numbers into the flow.

I have this working with the following: Tasker on Android phone and the Tasker plugins Join, Auto Notification and (optional) AutoTools.

Homey and Join communicate via webhooks with each other and sent over the data. Auto Notification takes care of the pop-up on the phone and with AutoTools you have some more options in the pop-up.

Yes these are paid apps and the setup is not plug 'n play, but it gives you a lot of options for user input from your phone into your Homey flows.

I made a short tutorial about two-way communication between Homey and your Android phone. See here: [How To] Setup two-way communication between Homey and Android smartphone