Build a advanced flow


Having some issues figuring this one out.

I have recently bought a new dryer and washing machine (Samsung) which is connected with Wifi and smarthings so everything is up and running in Homey.
I have 3 kids, which is added to homey, and i want to “assist” them in remembering to empty the machines.
I have the push notifications down and noting in a google spreadsheet then they get a notification and all works, BUT, i cant see how to give them a schedule for every third week.
Any suggestions on how to achieve this ?

Clearify, i want kid 1 to have week 1, kid 2 week 2 and kid 3 week 3, and then repeat :slight_smile:

Weeknumber MODULO 3 gives 0, 1 or 2 depending on the weeknumber.

You can use a number variable. This variable can be calculated every e.g. Monday at 02:00 AM: Value + 1. After the week with the value 3 of the variable, set the variable to 1.

How can i make it calculate ?
I am new to Homey :slight_smile:

This is an example how to change a numeric variable every Monday at 2 a.m., so that an other kid is responsible this week for the laundry:

This variable can now be used to ensure that only the responsible kid receives the push notification.

Btw, if a flow card contains an (i), you can click on it and receive information about this card:


Another solution, and in my opinion a simpler and more flexible solution, is to use the IcalCalendar app. If you need examples of this, please have a look at the corresponding topic here in the forum (Link), use the forum search function or get in touch again.