Working out the flaws of a reminder flow

I am using Homey for a lot of things but also enjoy the reminder every so often in order to bring a piece of toys to school or to put extra clothing in a backpack for swimming.
The flow I use for these reminders look like this:

07:45 is the time where we have breakfast. If the day is a Friday and the daynumber is between 24 and 31 it sends a pushbullet message.
Of course… sometimes a month has a friday where is 24 and a week after that 31 so you get an invalid reminder.
I cant figure out how to get passed this flaw.

Maybe try to set the daynumber between 23 and 1?

Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.
Sometimes you have months where a friday has a 24 and a 31, where I am only allowed to give my daughter a piece of toy on the last friday of the month. E.g. May 2019 will have a friday 24 and friday 31.

Ah. In that case u could use between 25 and 31? Taken 25 is included?
If 25 is not included 24-1 will do the trick.

Jup, but if I dont inlcude 24 it will skip april 2020. I think I am too picky :smiley:
But you did give me an idea!

If I take the month as variable, it will work (except when its a leapyear, but I think I can get over that)
Does mean 4 flows due to the if statements:
And some insight for one of the other flows. Thanks for thinking alongsides Rocodamelshe!

U sure are haha!
But good u found a workaround! :+1: