Tags not showing in flows

I’ve got some flows that don’t seem to be working since migrating to HP2023

When I check what they look like using the web GUI I see a tag like this example from @balmli 's Smart Presence app:

or the Yale App:

But when opening the same flows using the Homey phone app (Android version these tags appear to have been removed:

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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Bug in the honey app or device apps do you think?

In the Homey app for Android.

The support request page doesn’t have an option to select issues with the mobile apps. Is there somewhere else to report bugs?

(I found it under the homey device option)

It does for me:


I went to Support > the the only option is Visit Knowledge Base, then search produced no results for bug report or Android app, so scrolled down and didn’t find anything, so searched for support, which returned a page with the ‘submit support request’ link.

Then I was confused because you have to click on a homey device before you get the Mobile app support option in your picture, whereas the bug isn’t about a device

Anyway I got response saying

I will forward your report to Development so they can take a look at it and try to fix it as soon as possible. I can’t give you any guarantees on when your issue will be found and solved, but please know that it will be placed in the right hands and will be investigated. For now this is all I can do for you, which is why I’m closing your ticket

Kind of bizarre to declare a ticket closed at the point of being submitted, but I suppose not inconsistent with the rest of the Homey support experience