Missing tag information in Homey

Hi all,

First topic for me as i am quite new to Homey. I have troed searching The Forum but havnet found any Clues to my problem.

I have homey pro with fully updated firmware.

My issue is that i have set up a Philips motion sensor in my hallway. I am using the flow structure :
If zone inactive for … then turn off lights.

My issue is that Honey is not showing tags for How many minutes…

I am also seeing a similar issue with some of The notifications (i just received a notification that chromecast has new software Update with a lot og _ _ _ in The text.)

I have firmware 4.2.0
I have app version

I troed restarting my homey but that did not solve anything.

Any ideas?

Didn’t see it before. Try PTP (Pull the Plug) for at least 15 minutes.