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Help on my water sensor flow

Hi Guys,

Need help on my flow. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. But when i tried to test I’m able to receive the notification from telegram.

But when its real scenario that also meets the requirements it doesn’t work.

Below is my flow.

Thank you in advance

In ur first flow the water alarm needs to be on to trigger the 2nd flow where the alarm needs to be off. Is that correct?

Looks like really issue on the flow.

I update it with this flow. Ill monitor on real scenario.

Can you please explain what exactly you want to achieve? What do you want to happen when the water alarm is activated and what do you want to happen when the water alarm is deactivated after having been active? Most probably I can help when I know these two things…

I want to differentiate the Drizzling notification to Raining notification.

But the updated flow I mentioned on top is what i need. Tested in real scenario. :slight_smile:

And i dont want to received drizzling notification always when drizzling. Thats why i created a 900 seconds delay.