Water alert flow not working

I have a Zooz water sensor. I created a flow. The flow works when I test it. When I put the water sensor in water the led blinks, indicating it noticed the water. I have left the sensor in water for 15 minutes since it is set to check every 5. I do not get an alert. What could be going wrong?

The Zooz sensor is not actively connected appearantly, or partly broken, or a (too) bad battery,. First check the sensor itself, if it sets an alarm as device in the Homey app.
Also, you can check it’s status here

Otherwise, report an issue to the developer, you can find support links at the app page @ homey.app store

Yes, because then you replace the trigger with the test button. So, the part of the flow after the trigger card works.
When the trigger is the issue, testing the flow makes no sense, while it can’t test the trigger

Maybe item 5 here gives the reason?

Maybe it works only by contact with water?


Thank toy so much for your reply!

So, in the developer tool I get " Transmit_complete_no_ack". I’m just two meters from the homey hub ao I doubt it’s caused by distance and the battery is fine.
I’m not sure how to check if it sets an alarm as a device in Homey? Is that independent of flows?

I figured the tsting would not test te initial trigger, but it’s good to know for sure!


I’m testing it in water and right next to the hub, unfortunately.


Just to be clear, if your device is submerged in water, the water might be blocking the signal from it.

The sensor might be at one end of the device so can trigger when it’s touching water without being submerged.

Sorry if you didn’t need that clarification,


No need to apologize! I didn’t but someone else reading the topic might…