Detection if a flow fails

Sometimes a motion sensor of me removes itself from my zigbee network. When this happens some flows fail to run completely.

I would love it if the homey could detect this so I could start a flow or something (or add a setting in the notification settings for sending a notification when a flow fails)

Isn’t there a trigger based on “A device has become unavailable”?

Almost. Under Devices, there’s a trigger if a device hasn’t reported in a certain time (maximum 24 hours).

You can then sort out certain devices by making a Logic under the AND-section.

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This is not very usefull

With this flow

I get this result

So when I dont use a door or a window for a day I get a notification that the sensor is not working

(Yes I know the flow is now for 2 hours)

Not triggering is not the same as “not responding”. Most battery powered devices have a default wake-up interval set to report regularly to the controller. So “not responding” should only be caused by an empty battery or loss of signal due to range or interference or something like that.

What kind of devices are the ones that are shown in you screen shot?

I only have one choice for not responding

All kind of devices are reported as not responding, lights and sensors

Pick a logic card in the AND colom.

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Just the other day I sent a suggestion/request to Athom to add a local tag to filter by device type (am more interested in my sensors as well). Guess they won’t fix it, but still! :blush: