Testing all sensors

Hi all,
Every 2 weeks I make a round thru the house just to check if all the sensors are still working properly. So I open all the windows doors ect. Just to check. Is there a way to make a flow to check this and run it automatically.

Gr. Frans

How would Homey be able to know if a sensor works when a window or door gets opened without actually opening the window or door? :thinking:

Not if you don’t have a robot that will open all doors etc for you and is connected to Homey.

But serious, if they are battery powered and you are afraid the battery is dead, u can use the “Device hasn’t reported in” card in a flow.
Requires devices to have the report function enabled (and in between the interval you set) of course.

Well maybe there is a way for homey to see if it’s still reachable? Don’t know if that’s possible

I you see it’s simple when you know it :grin::grin:. Thanks for the answer I am going to experiment with this :+1::+1: