Status-Info for door-/window-sensor at a glance

Dear friends,

I am using more and more door- /window sensors. Every time the status of a door / window is changing, I get a Push-notification on my cellphone.

So far, so good.

What I am missing (maybe because I am still new to Homey) is the possibility, to see the status of ALL my doors / windows at a glance.

Is that unusual? I know this view e.g. from KNX-Automation-Pages… I want to see with “one view” if there are still open door´s / windows at my house when I go to bed.

Showing this on my tablet on the wall would be the next step.

Thank you very much,

You can add those sensors to your favorite devices which would then appear on the Home tab of the app and can also be used with on a wall-mounted tablet if you like.

Dear Arno,
thx a lot! Sound´s nice! I´ll try this out!

Greetings, Franz