At all time show open door/window sensors

I would like to easily be able to see how many door/windows sensors are open. Like SMT have:

Is it possible with a flow or would this only be able with an app that would show this on the front page on the homey app. A flow would need to be triggered, and I would rather have it be a information that’s always shown.

With displaying the nr. of open contacts:
This can be achieved with an Advanced Virtual Device of the magnificent Device Capabilities app.
You can create a “master” contact which shows if any door/window is open or none.
There must be a way to have the status indicator display the number of open contacts, but probably there’s a flow needed for that, not sure.

Without displaying the nr. of open contacts:
You can create a < group > app group contact sensor. Add all of your contact sensors to that group, and set it’s behaviour to “ON when ANY on” & “OFF when ALL off”
This way you have a “master” contact sensor, which shows the status of your door & windows:
-all closed: no alarm
-any open: alarm
Put the “group” contact sensor on top of your favorite devices and done.

No flows needed

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This is great thanks :pray: Peter, just what I was looking for.

BTW do you know if homey can send text messages and if there is a way to make an iPhone peep extra loud when alarm or smoke detector goes off. Android phone can do this via an app?


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The group app worked great but would like to try the virtual device idea.

I installed the app and added a virtual device but cannot figure out how to make the “master” contact.

I’m not sure how to edit the virtual device?
Came this far:

Yes, the onboard push notifications and -confirmations
But there’s several apps like
CallMeBot - Whatsapp+Signal+Telegram+Messenger, or Join

Text app search:

Message app search:

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Edit: March 03, 01:20h - adjusted device and flow, b/c of new info

I made an example AVD and flow for you, which can be imported as well if you like.


Device settings:

Status indicator:

My advise would be to NOT use the special AVD Status Indicator Field. Its legacy.

You can now use any textfield as status indicator, and they use way less resources, because its just a capability value change, while the legacy status indicator field (mis)uses the Unit property, which takes way more resources to update.

Just fyi.

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Thank you Peter, I will try it, hope to learn something so I can make my oven AVD in the future

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Thanks I’ll try to use the text field instead

Thanks Arie, I’ll update the shared AVD post.
Is it possible for you to mention this info somewhere on the Status Indicator form in a next app update?
I appearantly didn’t know about this (or forgot) :crazy_face:

Yeah, its already in the testversion :wink:

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Damn, I’m getting slow :crazy_face::sweat_smile:

Edit: @Arie_J_Godschalk I see the test release was published a few months ago.
No, I’m not thát slow hehe, as I just recalled, I’ve tried the v2.15.4 test version back then, but it unfortunately crashes on my Pro 2019.

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Because of Arie’s info, I edited my previous post and adjusted the device settings, and also got some ideas to make the flow a lot smaller and simpler (to me anyway) :wink: