Contact sensor change status from On/Off to Open/closed

Hi all,
Migrating systems over to homey Pro and was trying to see if there’s a way for my contact door sensors to instead of showing status on/off could show open/closed to more follow what the door is doing?
I as of yet have not found a easy way to do this but I might be missing a trick somewhere maybe?

The sensors have the capability “alarm_contact”. So it’s not to see as “Window is on”, but as “Contact alarm is on”. The exclamation mark on the device tile is showing the existence of an alarm.

Such sensors can be used for many other things beside windows als doors. And for some brands you can switch the alarm trigger that alarm is on if window is closed.
That’s why there is a more generic “alarm on/off” state.

That I understand in simple form its just showing “Alarm_contact” which can show 2 states.
I was just wondering if there’s a way for me to mask to the state to more suite with what its being used for? Old system I had modded the contact switch to recognise when a door was locked so I changed switch type to door lock even though it was just a normal contact sensor.

The short answer is no. You would need to contact Athom to have an option added but I wouldn’t count on it.