How to get label to reflect actual alarm?

I’m sorry for the non-english screenshot. But I’d like to have a flow where when the last person leaves the house, if any contact alarm then isn’t disabled, I’ll get a push notification saying WHICH contact alarm is active. Is there no way to fetch that information from the “All alarms” card?

You should def check out this flow

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So I guess I’ll have to go with a similar solution to my other thread as well:

I kinda miss a “If this sensor is active in this zone - Then in the same zone enable/disable this device

But won’t that mean any sensor in that zone? I do not want f.ex. a motion sensor to disable heaters.

A zone gets active when a motion-/contact sensor alarm turns on → IF “Exclude from zone activity” is not enabled that is:


With multiple sensors in a zone, you can choose which one(s) should activate the zone, by enabling the beforementioned ‘Exclude from zone activity’.
This way, you could exclude motion sensors, and include contact sensors.

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Thanks! I appreciate it. I haven’t used “zone” for anything before.