Fresh Air - Close Window reminder (fixed)


I have a house with multiple floors and when I open a window I want to to be notified after 600 seconds that the window is open and enough fresh air is in the room. I use window/door contact sensors to get the data.

Now tried a lot with the flows but I didn’t quite get it.

I’m curious if there is a way to catch all windows/door sensor alarms (so if alarm type is equal door alarm or similiar) and then start individual countdown timers for each opened window. Of course I don’t want to get notified when in the meantime someone has closed the window already.

Do I need an extra Flow for each window or is there a way to combine them? (I have a lot of windows and I would prefer a combined way) :slight_smile:

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because you can only use one trigger (a contact on the window) to get a flow in motion i think you need multiple flows for each window a flow.

Can be done: when window opens then write name to a variable and start timer. If timer runs out then send message with variable in it :slight_smile:

Also you can use the ‘devices’ property to check if any window is open. And when you close a window and all windows are closed stop the timer.

Of ocurse I meant that in combination with the alarm-function :slight_smile:

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could you please show me an screenshot for a flow like this? I‘m interested in using the name of the open window in a variable

Yes, how do you guys extract the name cause there is no specific window/door alarm. Otherwise it would be possible to use the device name as a Tag.

When using the “devices” card as a trigger like @Jeroen_Somhorst just mentioned then there is ur tag :wink:


Ok thanks, I need some time to test this, cause the countdown timer don’t work for me. I did some very simple stuff (when: timer has started, then: send notification) but that wasn’t fired at all. So I need an alternative app for countdown timers :confused:

There are multiple countdown apps, each with their own habits and way of working.

You can also use the Heimdall alarm app ; in the newest versions there is a way to check all contacts: Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

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Can u show us the screenies of this flow(s)?

Sure, here are the screens

No rocket science here. :slight_smile: I also tried the beta of Countdown Timer App. Restarted homey, only the app and it didn’t work. Only thing left ist that I’m using a German special character in the devices name (ü).

Oh shit… this was it… The timer does not support Umlaute (üöä) in its name :smile: I will file a bug report.


So my solution was looking like this:

  1. Flow: Contact Alarm goes off; then: create timer with the device name
  2. Flow: an Contact Alarm alarm turned off; then: stop time with the device name
  3. Flow: timer finished; then: send notification with “door/window still open…”

I thought this was very lightweight and not too complicated but unfortunately I can only stop timers with a name and not with a variable. :frowning: Is there a hack to put in variables even the app doesn’t provide it?

Found a solution which is working for me for now:
I have two general Flows:

  • Start Timer:
    When: an alarm turned on ‘contact alarm’
    Then: Start/Update a timer ventilation for 600 seconds
  • Timer Finished:
    When: A timer has finished
    And: contains “ventilation”
    Then: Send notification " still open, close the damn window"

Now as this Timer app doesn’t support stopping Timers with a variable name, I need to setup a flow for each window I want to surveil.
Template for each window looks like this
When: Device Foo: The contact alarm turned off

  1. Disable a Flow “Timer finished” // crappy workaround
  2. Stop a timer: ventilationFoo
  3. Enable a Flow " Timer finished // crappy workaround, as otherwise the Flow get triggered from the “Stop a Timer” Action (which is madness in my opinion)

I’ve created an issue for my problem, cause in a perfect world I would only need 3 Flows to cover the whole house.

By the way: I can recommend the Xiaomi Window/Door Sensors. Small, nice, and working perfectly for me.

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