Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

What is the Heimdall version you are using?
And just to be sure, which countdown is that, the Arming- or the Alarm countdown?
Have you tried disabling and enabling the speech setting?

I use a flow to arm the system.
The reason I do not want to use this flow to also say the alarm is being set is because its an alarm system and I want the alarm system to tell me that the alarm is being set, and not the device that is telling the alarm to turn on. Because, if for some reason Heimdall is not arming I have a false notification of the alarm being set.

I feel it’s like checking to see if the lighbulb is on by looking at the state of the switch. What is the bulb is broken? You just cannot be sure if it looking solely at the trigger.
(Perhaps I am overthinking it ofcourse :slight_smile: But I think It’s a valid concern)

It’s set to automatically update so should be the latest version.
I’ll try the switch and see what happens. FYI it’s only the Alarm countdown (that i’ve noticed)

Ok, that makes it a bit clearer, I can add the card.
But it will come with a disclaimer: That card will only tell you when the Arming Delay starts, it’s no guaranty the Surveillance Mode is actually set to the desired state.

To check that you would have to use the Surveillance Mode changed (Toezicht modus is gewijzigd) card, that one is triggered after the Surveillance Mode is succesfully set.

Correct, I use that card to send me a push notification so I know it has been set.

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New version published

Version 2.0.8

  • Added Check status of all sensors function
  • Prevent starting a new Arming Delay when one is active
  • Minor translation improvements

When a Surveillance Mode is set Heimdall automatically checks the status of the sensors that are included in the particular Surveillance Mode that is set.

You can now run that same check from a flow on all motion- and contact sensors. To do so create a flow with the trigger of your choice (press a button, at a specific time) and use the Check Status of all sensors action card.

Heimdall will now check all sensors. If a motion sensor is detecting motion or a contact sensor (door/window) is opened the trigger card Sensor active at Status Check will be triggered.

With the tags from that card, you can inform yourself which sensors are active.

For example to write to the Timeline

with this result

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New version published

Version 2.0.9

  • Improved device not ready handling

In this version the handling of devices that are not ready when Heimdall starts is improved. A device that is not ready is displayed in the History and when the Surveillance Mode is set to either Armed or Partially Armed Heimdall will check if it is ready at that time. If it is it will be added in the same way it would at the start of Heimdall.
A device not ready at the start of Heimdall will look like this in the History:

While the check at setting the Surveillance Mode is taking place actually all devices are checked. If a device that was previously ready is no longer ready it will also be shown in the History:

The same check will also notice when it becomes ready again and show it like this


One question: is it normal, when i use the tags “Zone” or “Reason” in a notification / mobile Push notification card --> Save the flow --> that the play Button will grey out?

Without using the tags, the flow play button stay green.

If it gray’s out it means the flow needs a value to be able to continue (the value of “zone”). It’s not a flow which can run on its own…

Ok, i tought the value is set by the app when using this tag.
So i have to set it in the flow manually?

It’s just the test/play button which is greyed out. The flow will work normally.


Sorry for delay, I thought my sensor battery might have died so was waiting for replacement

Turns out new battery and still same issue :frowning:

I’ve tried flicking settings and still nothing…

Okay, I’ve just tried a bit more extensive testing and it seems that none of the devices that are actually triggering Heimdall… At least not in my test

Status shows fully armed, but changes to devices that are included in full arm are not doing anything

I know that they have (as we’ve had the alarm go off due to forgetting as no notification) but right now we’re getting nothing

Any help appreciated

Edit: just added a brand new sensor (second one on the front door) just to see if it was an issue with the ones I have, no change. The Heimdall log isn’t even showing something changing…


Is it possible to have a two step verification in Heimdall? For example:
A door sensor is activated - Flow 1 is triggered (I am notified for example)
A door and the motion sensor on the inside is activated - Flow 2 is triggered

The reason is to eliminate false alarmes such as the sticker is bad and the door sensor falls down…

Thanks for a great app!


Hi Danee,

Today i noticed that again the alarm didn’t work. Went to heimdall and again there are no reported device’s/ all my devices “haven’t reported in the last 24 hours” It seems that it stopped working again in the night between the 10th and 11th. After that only 1 kaku sensor is reporting, all the z-wave (fib and coolcam) are gone.

Since the last time this happend i did nothing with homey, no reboots ed.

Another strange thing i found is this;

voordeur contact: Gesloten

voordeur in Gang heeft al 24 uren geen info gestuurd. Laatste info: 2019-2-4 13:25:41

So there’s a sensor reporting closing and 3 minutes later Heimdall reports the same sensor as offline for 24 hours.

voordeur contact: Gesloten

And there it closes again some time later. The rest of that day all sensors, while reported offline earlier are just working fine in the logs but in the night everything seizes to work. In the homey app everything is working just fine and all the flows are working aswell so z-wave is working fine. heimdall is working aswell since the kaku sensor is still coming through.

I’m still on 1.5.13 with heimdall 1.0.25.

Doesnt sound dissimilar to my situation (i don’t have the reporting logging when things are offline at the moment, so can’t confirm that piece), but all my flows etc work fine (lights even came on triggered by a PIR that should instantly alarm with my Heimdall setup)

Also not on Homey V2 and using latest version of Heimdall.

Edit. just realised I have the following flow and I have NEVER received an update, despite having about 6 or 7 contact sensors on windows which never get used… so something is awry

Rebooting the Heimdall app is an instant fix for me.

Sadly not here. I’ve rebooted homey a number of times…

I’d like something like this too.
Since I started using Heimdall I noticed my motion sensor in the living rooms sometimes gives a false positive.
So a 2nd sensor tripping before the alarm is actually activated would be nice.

@vaderag @Rickp the communication report in the v1.5.13 is unreliable due to a bug in the homey api. I’ve reported this to Athom but since v2 is out all bugreports fo the old version are read only and willnot be fixed I’m afraid.

@andrew for your sensor problem I’ll have to look into hat but that’s gona be hard since the 1.5.13 version does not log device related information.
Are you able to run Heimdall from the cli?