Flow to check if one window is open


I want to create a flow to check if a windows is open. What is the easiest way to do it. I want to get a notification if the windows is open if I trigger the flow.

Can someone help me. I dont want to write one flow for every window.

Add a new Device card and select
An alarm turned on or An alaram turned off
Set type is Contact Alarm

Then you can use the Name and Zone tags in the And or Then section of you flow.

Ok, check. But then I get the notification if the window is opened. But I want it on any time.

To check if any contact alarms are open You could still use the device card with All alarms are turned off and select Contact alarm. The only problem is you cannot differentiate between doors and/or windows.

Or with Heimdall, get a trigger for every window which is open :

When this flow is started “check status of all sensors”
“Sensor active at checking status” then … with a tag of the device-type…

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Thanks for your hint, but I can not read it :frowning:

added translation…

See the Heimdall topic: Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home for an example of this functionality in English.

Thx. Didn’t see this new feature. I think it will help