Get a notification when a flow failed to work

Hi all,

Today I came across a situation where a flow did not work because one of the variables did not work due to a disfunctional app. By restarting the app it came back again, but the situation was such that I thought: “I don’t want to happen that again”. For your information, in this case the Tado app caused the failure and therefore the switch for the floor heater did not switch on on the moment the CV was turned on by the thermostat. Something we could not see or hear, apart from my wife saying that it was still cold in the living room.

Anyway, I tried to setup a flow telling me that the flow caused a failure or did nog run because of an error caused by an app failure. Euhm, so far in vain. Are there any suggestions on how to do this? Preferably in advance, rather than on the moment a flow should be working? Something like “caution, this app causes failure…”

Thanks in advance!

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If this is even possible entirely depends on the exact reason why the app failed. Homey isn’t clairvoyant so determining if an app is going to fail will be a nice challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If possible, try and see if Homey is aware if the device is available/reachable. If that’s the case, you can disable/enable the flow(s) for that device.

Maybe also check “Flow with a working quarantee” which is the opposite but with the same function u are asking for.

Thanks for the suggestions. The thing is, the flow becomes corrupt when the app is not responding (for whatever reason). Normally you can see this by testing the flow and you will receive an error message in the flow itself (the exclamation mark, or alternatively the message app is not available). Basically, I would like to use this error message as a trigger to send me a message indicating the flow could not be executed. @robertklep indeed it’s hard to predict if a flow is going to fail. But ‘simply’ picking up that the flow has failed is a step forward (as I can then turn the heat pump manually, so that the heater is not working in for nothing).

I hope this makes it a bit more clear.

Like you say, you need a flow trigger that would be called when a flow fails, but that doesn’t exist. I also don’t think it’s possible for a third-party developer to create an app that would provide such a trigger, because it’s a pretty low-level thing.

You could send a feature request to Athom requesting such a trigger.

Thanks! Nice suggestion, will do as not all automation is as visible as turning lights or TV’s on :wink:

Excuse me but i don’t understand this part image|229x92
Someone can Help me ? That is a Logic with what value ( number ) ? If yes, whitch number about what ?