Flow with a working guarantee

These example flows are not for “free”. It will cost you three extra flows and a Logic number variable. The most expensive part; it will take about 15 minutes of your remaining life time.

These flows are not for those who want a lean and mean flow database. These flows are not mented for those who have a perfect Zwave or Zigbee mesh.

These flows are a example of how to make a simple “ON” flow with a extra test if the flow ran succesfully. If this isn’t the case, the flow will repeat itself untill the flow ran succesfully. For securety reasons i have maximized this repeating flow to 10 times. That way the flow can’t become a perpetual flow.

The first flow is the Trigger flow. This way you can make very easy different triggers without making everytime a complete and complex flow.

The second flow is the actual working flow. For this flow you have to make a logic number variable.

The third flow is the checking flow. If the flow succeeded is will reset the number variable and give a notification that the flow worked and how many attempts were needed.

The fourth flow is the Failure flow. When the flow despite this all didn’t run succesfully you get a notification.

“Trigger Flow”

“Working flow”

“Checking flow”

“Failure flow”


Thanks for this! What is the function / necessity of the timer countdown in the first flow?

It is my day timer. When there is movement in the house the timer wil be reset towards 86400 sec. So when there hasn’t been movement for a day this flow will not run. That way my house goes in vacation mode. Quooker, heating, lights Etc etc will be disabled

I have simplified this flow a little bit

Hoe maak je de logica actie “hoe vaak loopt de flow”? Die heb je neem ik aan zelf geprogrammeerd, want als ik in het vraagteken van de actie klik, dan zie ik hem er niet tussen staan. Sorry ben net begonnen met homey…

@Frank_Datema and @RoyWissenburg, please keep this correspondence in English.
In the community there are extra areas for dutch language.
Thanks a lot!

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