My first advanced flow error check fails, what is wrong

I created my first flow just to test how it would work if an error occured.
So when i tested it with the wallplug in the power outlet it works like i thought it would, but then i removed the wallplug just to force the error path of the flow, but it still says it is going well. no failure to activate the wallplug, even when it is not connected. What am i doing wrong or does Zigbee not acknowledge if a command sent went through or not? Thankful for any insight in this.

adding a picture of the flow.

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Looks like the developer didn’t implement a error. Many apps don’t have it, since its quite new.

This is how it would look like. And if you connect a card with the error path this error token would have the error message to send as a notification or whatever you want todo with it.

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Thanks for the welcome and swift reply, so if i understand you right, i need to wait for Aqara (xiaomi) to update the homey application before it will start working.

Yes. Well to be exact Ted Tolboom has to update it, since he is the developer from the homey app :slight_smile:

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Just to be clear: throwing a correct Error is not new and developers should have done that already for a long time. Since, when a requested action would not function correct, it should always have thrown an error.

However, catching them through normal flowcards is new in homey since advanced flows.

But HOOP (a homey app in the community store) already had error catching and handling in standard flows.

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