Homey APP not recognizing errors when changing the state of a device after upgrading to v5

Since I upgraded to Home v5 (I am not sure if it started to happen at the time of the upgrade or after updates within v5) I have observed that when a flow fails to switch a device on/off or even if I switch it manually while the device unplugged still appears as if no error happened and the switch had really changed the state.

As an example, I unplugged a few days ago 2 switches of different brands (different APPs so I assume the issue is not linked to specific APP) but when a flow tells a switch to switch on/off it still appears as if the switch had really switch on/off, something that it is not possible since the switch is unplugged.

Before the upgrade to v5, when there was an error the device changed the state back after few seconds but now it doesn’t happen. I have observed it in several cases, especially when I unplug a switch. It is true that due to better stability of Homey comparing with v4.2 I have not seen “real errors” with the device plugged (they might still happen rarely but due to the current behavior I could have missed it).

Before opening a ticket in Homey support I would like to know if someone else is facing the same issue.

You need to give a little more information on the types of devices you are unplugging. For instance 433Mhz devices won’t report errors, because they don’t communicate back(that is why I use then for Chrismas lights :slight_smile: )

@Edwin_D They are zigbee devices that report back normally.

I don’t expect them to report back anything when they are unplugged but I would still expect a time-out from homey when not receiving response. In fact, this worked properly in previous version v4.2.

I can give you 2 examples where I have detected this behaviour: innr SP220 plug and Xiaomi XM500008 plug.

I have not tested so far with any other plug but I guess I would get the same issue.

The issue might be either Homey or the android APP which is what I use.

On top of v5, the other difference I have is that the load is higher than before since I have around +10 additional zigbee devices and some additional flows (but still nothing unmanageable since it is working normally fine, in fact my Homey installation is behaving very stable in v5).

If they are all Zigbee then it could also be brand related, since all Zigbee drivers had to be rewritten. I only have INNR and Hue that receive commands.

An unplugged Hue bulb says the Dutch equivalent of “It took too long” after about a minute with a red banner in the IOS app. An INNR SP120 does something similar, but with a message saying it timed out after 30000 milliseconds.”, both on V5. Z-wave Fibaro devices also give timeouts. This does show it differs from app to app.

I do not witness the higher load you describe with close to 50 devices, most of then Aqaua sensors. I’m at average 30 to 35% load. Al my Zigbee is directly connected, I do not use the hub.

Had to force the errors though, Homey is pretty stable for me :slight_smile: . I never unplug (you shouldn’t too, it messes with the mesh).

Thank you @Edwin_D

Regarding unplugging, I had to do it because of works at home and this is when I discovered this unpleasant issue. I may understand that I could have had some connectivity issues with other devices that might be using the plugs to connect to homey (something that didn’t happen) but still things should work as expected (If I try to swtich on an unplugged device I should receive an error).

The problem I have now is that I cannot trust when I see that apparently a flow or a command has worked fine.

Regarding the load, I don’t say it is too high, in fact everthing works well. I just highlghted I had more devices comparing with the previous situation.