Homey App Device Status Wrong


I’ve used my homey for quite some time now, however I came across this problem:

I have soms zigbee build in switches, which make it possible to use the existing switch and control through app. Using the app works fine, but when I control the lamp with the existing switches Homey doesn’t seem to update the device state. It remains off when turning it on (grey in app). When turning it in app after, the status becomes right, but nothinh happens

Same goes for Tado, when I manually change the temperature on the radiator, Homey doesn’t seem to receive the new target temperature

My Wifi Shelly switches don’t seem to have this problem, they update instantly in the app upon (physical) switching

Is there any way to fix this?


I couldn’t find this brand. Do you have a type and more information like the app you are using on Homey?

Do you have a Homey Pro or a Homey Bridge?


It is a Homey 2018, using it’s standard zigbee app for the switches, official tado app for the radiator valves.

Smart switches are tint smart switch from mueller licht.

Congratulations you have a Homey Pro

Is the issue not displaying the update between the Homey and your mobile app or between the device and Homey?

Thanks for your reply.

The issue is that homey doesn’t seem to register the device state change (off to on) of those switches when that state is changed by the physical switch. The problem seems to be between the Homey and the device.