Tado unable to control radiator thermostats after a while

I am using Tado for a while now, but I notice after a while the app can’t control the radiator thermostats anymore. It looks like it’s working and doesn’t show an error, but the radiator thermostat doesn’t respond at all. When I restart the app in Homey, it works fine again for a while.

I have no issues using the Tado app directly, so it seems to be something related to Homey. The fact that restarting the app resolves it, also proves this.

I’m using tado for quite a long time with homey but but I have not seen this happen. But that only suggests that the homey app works fine. Perhaps it is a firmware issue. I only have the new tado bridge (this small thing with homekit support) the firmware of it shows v60.6.

My bridge also has firmware 60.6 installed.

hmm… did you contact Athom support about it? Maybe the diagnostic logs can tell them something about this when it happens.

I did log an issue on Github, even though the Tado-app issue tracker was disabled and the one they refered to didn’t exist.

I just made a support request.