New Tado app v1.05

You have probably received an e-mail from Athom to update your Tado app for Homey Pro. In the mail they suggest it is an awesome upgrade. It is not. In fact, you will lose a lot of functionality updating to this version. And once you have deleted the old version from your Homey, it is difficult to go back. The old version has been unpublished.

Any information, triggers, etc. on the heating system itself and power delivered are gone, as well as information and triggers regarding geofencing (which was much more accurate than any other alternative on Homey).

I do not have radiator thermostats, so I do not know if the functionality has changed.

It is version 1.05 of the app, so hopefully Athom (apparently together with Tado) will improve the app and bring back the original functionality and more.

I would not advise to update to this version at this time.


In the Dutch forum there is also a thread on the new app, with some details on where some values are within the new setup. Nieuwe TADO app
Hope this also helps you.

I was too quick to upgrade.

Heating capacity seems to be gone. This breaks my whole smart heating setup.
I’ll be looking more into this. It seems like a clear downgrade.

I assume/expect the heating capability will be built in again some day.
What I don’t get is the hurry, and the “advice” to remove the old app!
Hint: If you restore the backup from a point in time before the removal, the “old” app v3.1.10 gets restored. Not sure for how long that works
Here 2 users confirm this (in Dutch):

Thanks Peter.

Restoring a 2 days old backup solved all my issues. Going to transition when heat capasity is available or I am being forced :slight_smile:

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Athom support geeft het volgende aan nadat ik contact met hen heb opgenomen.
Ze werken aan verbeteringen geven ze aan.

Thank you for reaching out to our support!

We have decided to rewrite the Tado app, because of its lack of stability in the past and for the Tado app to be able to function within a cloud based environment for the new Homey. This however seems to have lead to the unintended loss of functionality for many Tado app users, for which we are very sorry.

I have been gathering all user reports and have made a list of all functionality which needs to be added to the new Tado app to function properly. Our developers are currently working hard to do so.

Thank you for adding your detailed description of your loss of functionality to your message, I have copied your comments in full and added them to my report to our developers.

I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction, which is why I’m closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email. We will reach out to all Tado users who have reported issues with the new app when solutions have been created and added to new updates of the app.