Tado double app

I got a question regarding the the weird split between tado radiator valves between two tado homey apps.
I had a year ago a couple of tado’s and the were all joined together. early this year a bought a couple more, but when adding these to the homey I noticed that the new ones were not grouped in the same tado app of homey. I could not see the diffrence untill today. I noticed that the latest radiator has a card that the older one does not have.

Specially the one that is interesting to me is the card “Tempertature xx unitile time expire xx: xx:”.
I really would like this card on the other tado’s but they only have the card “set temperature xx”

So my question is how to add the funtionality to tado without having to remove the knobs from homey or tado if possible and out of curriousity why the split instead of a simple update?

Kind regards fellas.

Why is it weird that there are two different apps are available for Tado devices? I guess @Martin_Verbeek wasn’t satisfied with the Tado app from Athom, so he made a new and (maybe) better oner. Maybe, because I don’t use Tado devices.

As far as I know Tado devices communicate via cloud with Homey. So it should be possible to add your devices to both apps at the same time. Then it should be possible to replace the devices in the flows with the command Replace (right mouse button in the WebApp). So you swap device A from one app with the same device A from the other app. It will not be much work and the flows are not really broken. Should you use logic flow cards, these would of course also have to be adjusted.

Was indeed missing functionality that disappeared when the official app was updated a while back. Especially the heating capacity part. I used that to turn on and off pumps for floor heating.

So at first it just was an app on HCS. Used quite a bit. HCS got into problems, people needed the app and I released it as community app to the Athom store.

I try to create unique capabilities for the app. Energy forecasting, enerqyiq integration etc …


Martin, The app looks great. keep up the good work. I will check the app later on.

I actually am using the original athom Tado APP. But for one reason a couple of the tado’s devices are in app version 3.0.1 and the rest is in V1.1.3. Btw when I click view Tado app version v3.0.1 in app store i get 404 page not available. So i’m curious to how it is possible to have the same app developer with identical app name but with distict functionalities. Kind regards.

Will try the swap function later on.

It is impossible to have the same App twice ( if this is the case restart your Homey , something is wrong internally). The name can be the same, they are not, but under the hood it has a unique appid under which devices are defined.

And, both tado apps didn’t or haven’t yet released a version 3.0.1. RU sure it is one of the tado apps you are viewing?