How can I connect a Tado Radiator Valve to Homey Pro (2023)?

I have a Tado system with 17 radiators valves attached through a Tado bridge. I would like to attach one of those valve to my Homey Pro to enable it to be switched on and off by a Zigbee presence detector.
Who can help me to a step by step process description?

Perhaps it’s faster to try something yourself and come back to the forum when you run into specific issues.

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Step 1. Install one of the Tado apps from the Athom app store.

Step 2. Add the valve to Homey via the app.

Step 3. Create a Flow that’s triggered by the presence sensor to switch the valve on.

Step 4. Create a Flow that is triggered by no presence to turn the valve off.

Then let us know at what point you have difficulty and what problems you encounter.

Thanks for your replies.
@Robertklep: I did try several times, but failed. @Adrian_Rockall : I failed at step 2: After starting the Tado-app in Home, I selected the “smart radiator valve” icon. Next, I get a picture showing a valve with a blue button at the bottom saying: “Install”. Next , I get a screen saying : “Select the device which you wish to add”. Below that, a white screen with an error message in the middle: “Invalid refresh token: (and the two lines of uninterrupted characters)”. At the bottom of that screen just a blue button saying: “Close”. And that’s it.
I would not know how to proceed from there.

It should have asked you to login to your Tado account at some point.
What version of the app have you installed?

I am logged in into my Tado account in the Tado app

Homey app v10.1.4
Tado app (within Homey) : v1.1.3.

@Adrian_Rockall : First: have an excellent 2024.
Second: Did you have a change to look at my question? I have still not been able to add the valve.
Thanks ahead.

I’m using the Athom app

As you can see I have all my tado thermostats in there.

Edit, although I have just noticed it us no longer in the store.

Solved it!
I had Tado V1.1.3 active and when I saw your version (3.1.13) I concluded mine needed an update. So I dumped my app and reloaded it through Homey. I immediately saw that the version was still the same, so your app had to be a developer version. BUT … my new app appears to work.
So thank you, you put me on the right track.


Wondering the benefits of this version over the 1.1.3 Athom version?
Can you share some info on that Adrian?

I’m not sure. I have been using the Athom version for years and it has been updated a few times, so not even sure when I got this version.
I know the geofencing was removed at some point but that’s all I remember.
I use to turn on and off the radiator in the lounge when the patio doors are open and it does that OK so I’ve not looked at it.

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Yeah I saw other people note the version you showed as not being on the normal app store.
See here; Homey Pro 201x - Firmware Updates - #36 by Peter_Kawa (need to scroll a bit)

But not sure what that means hahaha.
Im still a rookie when it comes to Homey but I never mind trying out new things hahah.

It’s in the appstore for quite a while already

Take a look here (the link to this topic is presented at the app store 's app page):

  • It is packed with features and functions
  • The dev is very active and supportive, which cannot always be said about Athom’s in-house app support
  • I use it since the release, very reliable app.
  • One can install it next to the Athom tado app to check it out.
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AH lovely, thnaks Peter for letting me know :slight_smile: could not tell from the screenshot, will give that a shot tomorrow to see if I can make use od the additional options.

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